The links below are to open access courses on critical public health issues at major universities in the United States. These materials including slide presentations, course syllabi, and readings can be used for educational and training purposes to learn about important health concerns worldwide.

An online interactive portal with links to free courses and other educational services at major universities including Stanford, Princeton, and University of Pennsylvania.

John Hopkins University School of Public Health
Bloomberg School of Public Health

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Health Sciences & Technology

Tufts School of Medicine

Tufts School of Dentistry

Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
(Public Policy Course)

University of California- Berkeley School of Public Health
(Epidemiologic Methods Course)

Western Governor’s University
(Health & Nutrition Course, Health & Fitness Course)

Columbia University School of Public Health
Seminars in Public Health

University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Center for Public Preparedness

University of North Carolina School of Public Health
North Carolina Public Health Preparedness

The University of Pittsburgh

Ethics, Quality, and Equality: Online Global Health Course
Unite For Sight

Volunteer Ethics and Professionalism Online Course
Unite For Sight

Cultural Competency Online Course
Unite For Sight